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Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

Our dissemination services

Knowledge management

We can set up for your organisation or consortium a tool to manage all the information generated by your project, that allows for easy, secure and efficient access to the knowledge required for exploitation and dissemination.

Open science publishing

We can advise you on the best platform for submission of your research results as an open access publication. Open science is a mandatory requirement of Horizon Europe funded projects.

Results showcasing

We can develop a showcase website, organise specific events, or help you meet with relevant stakeholders, such as other academics, businesses or investors.


We help you meet new potential partners or any third party interested in benefiting from your research results.

Our exploitation services

Intellectual property management

Our IPR management specialist will help you with investigating patenting opportunities, then with the patenting process and exploitation of your patents.

Business plan development

Our marketing and finance professionals will help you draft the business plan for the commercial exploitation of your research results.

Investors search

Should you exploit your research results through the founding of a start-up, Innotrope can help you find early stage investors or new public funding.

Our communication services


We can define together with you your communication strategy. We look for the most relevant target audiences, channels and choose the monitoring key performance indicators.


We can produce your online content (website, social media, blog, articles), your print content (posters, leaflets, brochures) and even videos. We look after the graphic design and the proper content, making sure it is fit for SEO and your target audiences.

Event planning

We can organise your communication events such as brokerage events, conferences or workshops, to showcase your project, its consortium, or its results.


We can monitor the performance of your communication actions. We look at online analytics or events attendance and we advise you on your corrective actions. We can lead your SEM and SEO actions on your behalf.

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