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​The European Commission has announced that it will provide more than 200 million euros in R&D funding from its Horizon 2020 programme to help fight the coronavirus. Let’s quickly review the two sources of funding available.

Innovative medicine initiative (IMI)

The European Commission has secured 10 million euros and will go up to 45 million euros in funding research to develop treatments and diagnostics to better tackle the coronavirus outbreak. It expects that the pharmaceutical industry involved in the IMI will commit funding to a similar scale. The deadline for proposals is on the 31stof March.

EIC accelerator

This line of funding goes to SMEs and start-ups with technologies that could help in treating, testing, or monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak. The Commission has planned a budget of 164 million euros and the deadline for application is the 18thof March.

There might be other lines of funding depending on the evolution of the pandemics.