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​The “consortium as a whole” section of a Horizon Europe proposal is more critical that you may think. Let’s review together what should be included. We propose to do it in a table that will include all the relevant information.

Describe how the consortium will allow to achieve the project’s objectives

The first thing to demonstrate in your proposal is that you bring in the right people to do what you promise. Therefore, you should illustrate how the consortium is capable of achieving the specific objectives of the project. Of course, not all the partners participate in all the objectives. Thus, you can specify in our table what specific contribution each partner will make in the project to support any of the objectives. Have for example one column per specific objective.

Provide the expertise of each partner

In our table, you can illustrate how each partner contributes to any objective by describing briefly its expertise. Provide in just a few lines some arguments to justify the expertise such as by listing past similar achievements or participations in relevant projects.

And don’t forget the infrastructure and equipment

Add to the expertise the list of the infrastructure and equipment relevant to the project that each partner brings to the consortium.

Demonstrate the complementarity of the partners

A right consortium covers the whole value chain without two partners getting the same role. The best way to illustrate that is to have in our table the value chain in rows. Therefore, your table looks like this:
In columns, the specific objectives.
In rows, the parts of the value chain.
In the cells between rows and columns, the expertise/infrastructure/equipment of each partner.

Finally, list the industrial/commercial involvement of each partner

If a partner has an industrial or commercial involvement, complete the list of expertise/infrastructure/equipment with it as it demonstrates its capacity to exploit the results of the project.

Provide more details in section 4

In a way, section 4 is a more detailed version of what you provided in the “consortium as a whole” section. You have the possibility to individually describe each partner’s contribution to the project and provide relevant references such as publications or project participation. Do not hesitate to provide more details here because there is no page limit in section 4, but you have to respect the limit of 5 items for the list of publications or projects.